Cassandra McNeir


Cookery writer


Kitchen tip

Saving egg white or yolk

Some recipes require only egg whites or yolks remaindering the other part. If you are not planning to use that at once do not dispair, they need not be wasted because they can be stored in the freezer until required.

Egg whites freeze well. Just pour them into a freezer-proof bag, fasten, lable and freeze. Once defrosted they may be whipped as usual and used for such recipes as meringues or souffles with no detectable effect.

Before freezing egg yolks, however, it is well to beat them with a pinch of sugar or salt, depending on whether they will be required for a sweet or savoury dish when defrosted. They can be bagged and frozen in the same way as the whites but be sure to put on the label which is which or you might achieve unexpected results. Interesting?


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